Thanks for taking the time to check out WormzOrganic! After you learn about the company and industry and you are interested to know more, then give us a call and schedule a tour of our 6000sf production and training facility located in Concord, NC.

WormzOrganic needs part-time and full-time organic soil producers. This is a great career and business opportunity. Organics is booming!

Become an Associate Grower and WormzOrganic will provide all the materials and training needed to become a successful producer for WormzOrganic!

As a part-time Grower you can earn $10,000+ your first year. Full-time growers can earn even more.

Producing worm-castings (organic soil) is very simple and fun, no offensive odors, nothing heavy to lift, great for children or to supplement your retirement or make it a full time business!

If you can spare about 90 minutes (average) a day, or just work on weekends, then you may want to take a closer look! It requires attention but the worms can be left alone for 10-days.

WormzOrganic provides everything needed
You and your worms produce the organic soil
WormzOrganic buys everything you produce
find the worm
WormzOrganic will provide everything you need to become a successful Associate Grower, which also includes a ten (10) year Grower's Contract.

As an Associate Grower you will also receive;

  • 60 pounds of red wiggler worms to get you started
  • Ten (10) year Grower's Contract with WormzOrganic
  • One year supply of all materials needed
  • Training, supplies and customer support
  • Everything is included!

Schedule a tour at the Concord, NC facility!

Only a limited number of Associate Growers are needed and can be selected.

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Mission Statement:

The inspiration for WormzOrganic grew out of our desire to encourage people to create their own agri-business while working part-time from home in a fast growing industry. Through our Associate Grower Program, we are on a quest to bring worm-castings organic-soil to the marketplace on a commercial scale. In order to make this high-demand product available to the retail consumer at an affordable cost, we are enabling local farmers to reap the economic benefits of the organic movement by partnering and growing with WormzOrganic!
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