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WormzOrganic is seeking local growers to help produce organic soil (worm-castings) to help meet the demand for the 2014 season and beyond.

The worm-farm will be on your property, so you have lots of benefits working from home. There are also great tax incentives.

WormzOrganic's professional Vermi-staff will train you and your family through online classes and/or hands-on training at the facility in Concord NC.

A WormzOrganic Associate will conduct a site inspection of your place and then provide you with a one year supply of all materials needed.

​Since the explosion of organics, the need for the basic building block, organic soil (aka worm-castings) has also exploded. Nowhere is that more evident than in the demand for the earth-worm-castings, specifically, the red wiggler worm-castings!

Join the wormalution and earn a great living or supplement your income by working part time; this is a great fund-raising project for teenager's earning college funds.

Teach everyone about organic living, worms are GREAT for the environment, they help us dispose of our organic waste while increasing our bank accounts with their black gold organic soil; now that is truly a go-green recycling attitude!
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Since the "organic" revolution started in the 1980s, red wiggler worm-castings have experienced an 1800% increase in demand, and the wholesale price increases every year!

The Organic Wave is upon us! Join the wormalution!

To learn more visit the Associate Grower Page!

"A twelve year old Student that started a Basic Level Wormz-Farm-House could earn and save enough money to attend almost any college by the time he or she graduated from high school" ...
...all working about 90-minutes per day!

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by appointment only; to schedule for you or the entire family, please call